About the Swiss Re Foundation

The Swiss Re Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting care and concern for society and the environment. Launched in 2012 by global re/insurer Swiss Re, the Foundation aims to make people more resilient towards natural hazards, climate change, population growth, water scarcity and pandemics, along with other challenges to society's security, health and prosperity. It also supports community projects and employee volunteering in locations where Swiss Re has offices.


About the ReSource Award

The International ReSource Award is worth a total of USD 150 000 in funds including non-financial contributions in the form of expert advice and coaching support to three finalists and the winner. The award is granted annually by an international jury. Launched in 2002, it is an internationally recognised prize for leadership in implementing the principles of sustainability in water management. As of 2018 the Award is designed to attract, select and support impact-focused social entrepreneurial initiatives to help their authors realise their ideas and concepts related to sustainable water management practices in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What is the scope of the ReSource Award?

The International ReSource Award seeks to enhance resilience in water management. To this end, the ReSource Award actively supports social entrepreneurial initiatives addressing water-related challenges with new and innovative approaches. The ReSource Award focuses on social entrepreneurial approaches applied to water-related social and/or ecological issues. Examples include approaches that address sustainable access to, use and supply of water, sanitation and hygiene. The initiatives supported are either in the prototyping or scale-up phase. A robust business model defining the value proposition and revenue generation is required.

We invite charities, non-profit organisations and revenue-generating social enterprises to submit proposals for novel, entrepreneurial solutions in sustainable water management practices within the following spectrum:


Source: EVPA 2013

Who is eligible to participate and how?

Applicants with the skills, resources and commitment to launch and manage a social entrepreneurial initiative related to sustainable water management practices are invited to apply for the ReSource Award. Currently, only proposals are being considered that are designed to be implemented in low, lower-middle and upper-middle-income countries as classified by the World Bank in terms of per-capita GDP. Originators (for example, a team or organisation) may not submit more than one proposal a year. The ReSource Award intends to partner up directly with social purpose organisations with existing or planned revenue generating activities. Accordingly, intermediary institutions that support social entrepreneurs are not supported under the Award.

How to apply for the ReSource Award

Applicants are asked to provide information on their social entrepreneurial initiative by completing the online questionnaire on our website. The application process is divided into four steps. Details on each step and on the criteria applied are available here. Offline applications are accepted in exceptional cases only upon prior inquiry with the Secretary of ReSource Award.

Who are the jury members?

The jury comprises an independent, international panel of business and water experts with a proven track record in their field of expertise, as well as experts from Swiss Re. For more information on the jury members, click here.

What happens to the proposals which are not selected?

All documentations will be deleted or returned. In certain cases, the jury may offer to forward the documentation to another [more] suitable institution for consideration. Otherwise, participants are free to pursue other avenues of funding if they wish.

What if the participant obtains alternative funding during the application process?

If a participant obtains alternative funding while in the evaluation process, the representative of the submitting party has to inform the Secretary of ReSource Award immediately. This disclosure is for transparency purposes only and will not disqualify or otherwise affect the competition entry.

Is my award application treated in confidence?

Your application will be viewed by a team of employees at Swiss Re Foundation, and by the members of the jury, and will be treated in confidence by them.